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Digisoft Computers is a fast growing software development firm having more than 17 years of experience in the field of software package development. During the course of business it has developed 26 different software packages to meet the demand of it's clients. Having tied up with other software & hardware vendors it provides quality products and prompt after sale service to it's clients. The software products made by digisoft are thoroughly tested and used by a number of clients based in

Orissa,West Bengal,Jharkhand,Chhatishgarh Uttar Pradesh,Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand.,& Bihar

Mainly develop software programme relating to Inventory management and financial accounting for the businesses such as;

01.Manufacturing Unit.

02.Retail Showrooms such as ;

  •  Garment Showroom

  •  Shoe Showroom

  •  Electronic & Home Appliance Showroom

  •  Gift Shop

  •  Computer Shop

  •  Wine Shop

  •  Grocery Shop

  •  Medicine Shop   ( Chemist )


04.Departmental Store

05.Share Broker

06.Trader, Distributor, FMCG Distributor, Stockiest, Agency Service etc.

07.Restaurant,  Bar & Food Court

08.Hotel Management

09.Reservation Master for Hotel

10.Jewellery Showroom

11.LIC Agent

12.Movie Theatre

13.Deposits & Investment Management

14.MLM Software

15.Service Provider etc.

16.Petrol Pump

17.Pharmaceutical C & F Agent, Stockiest & Distributor

18.Motorparts Dealer & Bike & Car showroom ( with Job Card Facility )

19.Departmental Store

20.Rice Mill

21.Pay-Roll Management

22.SMS Sender

23.Email Sender

24.Branch Accounting

25.School & Education Institute Management

The company is backed by experience software developers, programmers, chartered accountants, professional accountants, product marketing and commerce literate after sales support professionals.

Digisoft Computers is also provide web Services such as;

01.Domain Registration

02.Website Hosting

03.Email Hosting

04.Website Development etc.

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