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Special Features For Pharmaceutical Retailers

  • Item Type wise Inventory Reports.
    1. Syrups
    2. Capsules
    3. Tablets
    4. Inhalers
    5. Injections Etc.
  • Company Wise Inventory Reports.
    1. Ranbaxy
    2. Cipla
    3. Phizer
    4. Glenmark
    5. Dr .Reddy
    6. Alembic Etc.
  • Item wise, Batch Wise and supplier wise Inventory report.
  • Complete Order Management Module.
    1. Item wise ( which item ordered to which supplier. )
    2. Supplier wise ( what order placed to a particular supplier.)
    3. Company wise (a particular company’s item placed to which suppliers.)
    4. Re-order Stock Alert.
    5. List of supplier of a particular item & company.
  • Expired Stock Report.
    1. Short Expiry Report
    2. Expired Stock Report.
    3. Expired Stock Delivery Report to the respective supplier.
  • Purchase Rate, Landing Cost, Selling Price or MRP. wise stock valuation report.
  • Cash, Credit & Approval Sales Management Module with on-line bill printing.
  • Fast Moving & Dead Stock Report.
  • Super Fast billing using Bar-code Scanner. (Optional)
  • Attendance & Pay-Roll System.
  • Complete VAT functionality as per the ORISSA state rules & regulations
  • Complete Financial accounting module and many more.
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