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    • Item Group, Sub-Group (Brand) Wise Inventory Reports.
    • Item Code/Color/Size/Design/Material Type Wise Inventory Reports.
    • Maintain Under-mentioned stock type;
    • Finished Goods

    • Raw-Materials

    • Packing Materials

    • Spare Parts

    • Fixed Assets

    • Any other user defined stock type.

    • Stock Centre Wise Stock Registers.  ( Branch Or Godown )
    • Batch Wise Stock Registers.
    • Purchase Rate, Landing Cost, Selling Price or MRP. Wise Stock Valuation Facility.
    • Sales Man Wise Sales report with auto commission calculation.
    • Facility to sale items having different discount rates in a single bill.
    • Customer Data Management Module with discount allocation facility.
    • Auto posting of bank charges for credit card transaction.
    • Bar code Label generation facility & Super Fast billing using Bar-code Scanner.
    • Approval or Challan Sale Management Module.
    • Auto Sale Invoice Generation from Challan.
    • Stock Transfer Sale & Stock Transfer Purchase management module
    • Facility to maintain inventory of unlimited divisions.
    • Daily Profit & Daily cash proceeding report.
    • Auto transfer of Stock, Account & Outstanding bill balances to next year.
    • Division Wise, MSR wise & Party wise outstanding reports.
    • Payment to Supplier due alert & Payment Reminders to Customers.
    • Entry Tax Register: To-Pay & Paid.
    • Way Bill, C-Form & other Declaration Form Management Modules.
    • Ageing Analysis of Outstanding Bills & Account Balances.
    • Local & Outside Purchase & Sales Report.
    • Auto Sales Invoice generation from Challan.
    • Ground Stock Entry Module to compare physical stock with computer figure automatically.
    • Facility to add details in each purchase bill about discount rate Diff. & claims.
    • Party Dealing History Module.


  • Maintain History of dealing with party about telephonic conversation as wll as SMS.

  • Report to see Party wise Item Sold history for Rate & Quantity.

  • Report to see a particular item is sold to which parties.

  • Report to see all the item purchased by a particular party.

  • Report to see next contact date so that one can contact a party again on time.

  • Rate Master Module & Party discount relationship module.
  • Job Card Management Module for item received for Repairing, Servicing & Alteration.
  • Purchase & Sale Order Management Module
  • Indent Management Module
  • Gatepass Management Module
  • Minimun Level & Re-Order Level Management Module
  • Monthly Sales & VAT Target & Achieved report.
  • Alert through SMS directly from the software to your mobile phone.
  • Auto import of Stock Transfer Sale/Purchase transaction between Branch & Head Office.
  • Attendance & Pay-Roll Module.
  • Maintain staff and workers details such as basic Salary, TA, DA, HRA etc.

    Maintain ESI. And EPF. Details

    Maintain Daily Attendance with Other time details

    Generate Monthly Salary Statement with individual Pay-Slip

    Print/View Monthly Attendance Register/Chart.

    Auto posting of Salary, ESI. and EPI. Amount to their respective ledgers.

  • Complete VAT functionalities such as ;
  • VAT Invoices: Tax Invoice, Retail Invoice.

    VAT Sales Registers: Tax Inclusive, Exclusive, Invoice on Tax on MRP.

              VAT Purchase Registers, VAT Credit Note Register, VAT Debit Note Register

  • Complete Financial Accounting Modules such as;

    • Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal Register

    • Dr./Cr. Note Register

    • Ledgers ofA/c. :  General Ledgers, Statement of A/c., Confirmation &  Group Ledger,

    • Trial Balance, Profit Loss & Balance Sheet

    • Depreciation Chart

    • Interest Calculation

    • Ageing  Analysis of Outstanding Sale bill : Both on A/c balance wise as well as Bill wise

    •  Daily Transaction Statement (DTS) and many more….


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