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Special Features For Jewellers

Item Type wise Inventory Reports.

  • Chain
  • Ear Ring
  • Bracelet
  • Finger Ring
  • Hoop
  • Pendent
  • Set Etc. 

 Brand Wise Inventory Reports.

  • Nakshatra
  • Asmi
  • Tanisque Etc.

 Item Article Number Wise Inventory Reports.

  •  Facility to maintaing inventory using branded companies internal code nos.

Material tye wise Inventory Report.

  •  22Ct gold,  KDM, Silver Item, Hallmarked, 916,  Precious Stone etc.

Division wise Stock Report.

  •  Gold, Silver, Hallmarked , D`Damas, NAKSHATRA,Watches etc.

Payment Management Module as per Jewellery Trade Tradition ( Bhav Kat )

Complete Order Booking Management Module.

Stock Center Wise Stock Reports

  • Stock at Locker
  • Stock at Showroom
  • Stock at Brances
  • Stock at Workshop
  • Stock with Artisan
  • Stock outward on approval 

 Multile payment received facility for a single bill of Rs.70,000/-

  • Rs.20,000/- by Cash
  • Rs,20,000/- by Credit Card
  • Rs,10,000/- by Debit Card
  • Rs,10,000/- through cheque
  • Rs.10,000/- by gift voucher

Sales Man Wise Sales report.

Projected Sale Management option for a particular month

Suppose a user has fixed a target of Rs.20.00 Lakh sale for a particular month, then the computers will show an alert after 15 days that only 40% ( or so ) sales target is achieved so that the user will make more effort to achieve the target sale and vice-versa if 75% sales is achieved in 15 days then the user will adjust the sale accordingly....

Rate chart Screen and periodically Price Movement Report.

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Labour charge or Making charges calculation option for per grame or per pcs.

Day end Process

  • To lock Sales invoice generation for back date
  • To lock barcode labels generation for back date.

Feature to print jewellery photo in sale bill.

Attendance & Pay-Roll Module.

Customer Data Management Module.

Bar code Label generation facility.

Super Fast billing using Bar-code Scanner.

Cryptically printing of diamond rate on barcode stickers.

Facility to maintain inventory of unlimited divisions.

Fast moving & dead stock report.

Daily Cash Proceeding report.

Auto transfer of Stock, Account & Outstanding bill balances to next year.

Stock Level & Re-ordering level reports.

Division Wise, MSR wise & Party wise Outstanding reports.

Complete VAT functionality.

  • Vat Invoices   - Tax Invoice - Retail Invoice
  • Vat Sales Registers - Tax Inclusive  - Tax Exclusive
  • Vat Purchase Registers
  • Vat Credit Note Registers
  • Vat Debit Note Registers.
  • Previous year’s tax-paid stock register.
  • Net Vat payable/receivable register.

Complete Financial Accounting modules and many more.

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